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Books by 
or about 
Andre Breton

Manifestoes of Surrealism 
Andre Breton  Helen R. Lane (Translator)  Richard Seaver (Translator)

Nadja by Andre Breton, Richard Howard (Translator)

Revolution of the Mind : 
The Life of Andre Breton by Mark Polizzotti

Mad Love by Andre Breton, Mary Ann Caws (Translator)

Communicating Vessels = Les Vases Communicants 
(French Modernist Library)
by Andre Breton, Mary Ann Caws (Translator), Geoffrey T. Harris (Translator)

Notebook of a Return to the Native Land (Wesleyan Poetry)
by Aime Cesaire, Annette Smith (Translator), Clayton Eshleman (Translator), Andre Breton (Introduction)

Constellations of Miro, Breton
by Paul Hammond

Anthology of Black Humor
by Andre Breton (Editor), Mark Polizzotti (Translator)

The Automatic Message, the Magnetic Fields, the Immaculate Conception (Atlas Anti-Classics)

by Andre Breton, Philippe Soupault, Paul Eluard, David Gascoyne (Translator)
Welcome to the Andre Breton Studies Center of the Ontological Museum.

This website will cover the impact of Andre Breton on the arts community especially related to Dada and Surrealism and the subsequent groups that followed such as the Abstract Expressionist, Minimalist, Concretist, Conceptualist, Letterist, Fluxist, Situationist, Post-Dogmatist and Massurrealist groups not to mention all of the unaffiliated artists around the world.

We hope this evolving site will be useful to the members of the International Post-Dogmatist Group the Fluxist Community and the Massurrealist Society and all others who have an interest in such things.

The main form of communication for the group of artists and others who are sharing knowledge of Andre Breton such as who were his friends, where did he go, what did he do, what was his
address here and there, how did his associations impact the art
community, what was he thinking about, what did he believe,
etc and so on is at the mail group called andrebreton here... last submitted june 25 2002